TFour Technologies provides software services to variety of business domains, ranging from Insurance and Healthcare to Government and Financial Sectors. We are a women owned small business offering innovations and solutions with a highly experienced professionals. Our core operating principle is to work with a mindset of "think different" approach using state of art tools, techniques and processes. Our focus is to connect the right set of technologies to solutions with a right set of team, always going beyond the traditional solution development approaches

Our strategy:

  • Team, Technology, Tools and Techniques (T4 )
    • Team: Hardcore computer engineers, self organized and continuous learning, flexible and easy to adopt, and multi-faceted perspective
    • Technology: Pioneer to apply scientific knowledge through innovation and cutting edge tools
    • Tools & Techniques: User Experience, Design Centric, Knowledge Mining , Human and Information Engineering

Core Services:

  • Cloud solutions and DevOps
  • Data mining and Analytics
  • Business capture and opportunity management
  • Staff augmentation
  • Expert advice and guidance
  • Training


  • TFour Technologies is offering an open house to explore training opportunities for
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Cloud
    • Hadoop Administration using Cloudera distribution package
    • Prepare for professional certifications for Amazon Cloud, CCAH (Cloudera)
    • Career growth consulting and job-shapeup coaching through mentorship and leadership workshops
  • For questions and clarifications send an email to training@tfour-llc.com